Right knee

Almost every pair of jeans we have for Colin is ripped – and always on the right knee. He loves to throw himself to the ground and slide or spin.

Today is a really nice day in our area – warm enough, overcast and a light breeze. We were headed to the park, and I was putting shorts on all the boys. I hesitated at Colin’s dresser – he’s been extra bouncy lately and I was worried he might hurt himself if he was wearing shorts. Against my better judgment, I put shorts on him anyhow.

Within 15 minutes of our arrival at the playground, he was holding his right knee and having a meltdown. When I asked him to walk with me to the bench, he refused to bend his knee.

He’s been mortally wounded!


For a kid that gets hurt so often, you’d think he’d learn to get over it or at least be more careful. Of course we know that’s not possible (yet). His adhd keeps him bouncing off the walls and ASD leaves him not knowing how to cope.

So he sits and rocks for a while. Taps a beat out on the bench while he watches everyone around him.
In a couple of hours, when it dries and has a bandaid on it, he’ll forget all about it. An hour after that, he’ll do a spin or a slide and crack it open again…and we’ll be back at the beginning!

For now, I won’t lie…I’m kinda enjoying quiet Colin as we sit on the bench, talk and people watch.


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