I’ve recently joined wordpress and have been very impressed with this blog. “Love many trust few” is posting a daily blog on Autism throughout the month of April for Autism Awareness Month. Check her out.

love many trust few

Day One for the Autism Awareness Blogathon

(A note: to all those people who are here after searching on the topic of Mount Everest, and there are a LOT of you – sorry! This is about my personal Mount Everest, not the actual mountain)

I’m not starting at the beginning. I’m starting in the future. Because as much as you worry about things like aggressive behaviour, stimming, echolalia, noisemaking, sleep and eating issues, obsessions, spitting and all the other really fun challenges a child with autism will present to their families, the biggest challenge by far is the future. It’s the great unknown.

As parents, we want everything that any parent wants for their child –love, happiness, fulfilment, friends, reaching their potential etc. But we want more, much more. Although the process of diagnosis and early intervention is confronting and arduous, I have a sneaking suspicion it might be the easy…

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