Animusic and Obsessions

Colin is absolutely obsessed with Animusic.

Animusic is a series of computer generated instrumental music videos. There are flashing lights and CG versions of different instruments… as well as fanciful instruments that don’t exist in the real world.  Robots with panels that they tap to produce sounds are surrounded by machines that spit out balls that land on marimba keys that go flying along a train track.  It’s visual splendor. Watching how all three kids react to the different songs and visuals is very interesting to me.  There’s one video on Animusic 2 called “Fiber Bundles” that our boys refer to as “The Monster”.  To me, there’s nothing scary about this video at all, but they are all a tad on edge when it comes on.  Sometimes Ryan will just leave the room.

Animusic 2 - "Fiber Bundles"

We borrowed Animusic 2 from my parents, and not a day has gone by since then without Colin bringing it up.  If we ask him to stop talking about it, he tries to be slick. “You know that new DVD? That one from Memaw’s? What’s it called?”

That’s his way of talking about things that he’s been told not to talk about.  I have trouble not laughing when he does that.  (Unless it’s been a particularly trying day, and then…well… then it’s pretty aggravating!)

When he watches it, he’s fairly calm.  Focused, even.  He mimics some of the instruments, while rocking to the beat.  Sometimes he snaps his fingers along with the music.  Occasionally he’ll freak out at others in the room if they’re not as enamored as he is.  Because if Colin is obsessed, he assumes everyone else is, too.  He can’t understand why we wouldn’t be.

He’s gone through so many obsessions since we’ve met.  Whenever someone meets him in the middle of one, they tend to guess that he has Aspergers rather than Autism.  But he alternates obsessions. They never completely leave him, but they become ancillary to the #1 obsession of the moment. Disco balls, car washes, sprinklers, roller coasters, tornadoes – he’ll still point these out and beg, borrow, and plead for them, but I think he’d trade them all in for another viewing of Animusic at the moment.

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