Adderall Update

It’s not going very well, in my opinion.  Saturday was our first day.  We gave Colin 5mg in the AM, but I wasn’t with him all day. Rick took him out to Charis Hills for an open house. I wanted to go – we were going to take all three boys – but my sinus infection had taken me down and I could hardly get out of bed.  Rick decided to take Colin and left Robbie and Ryan at home with me for the first half of the day.

Colin did fine at Charis Hills, but he also had plenty to keep him busy. So many new sights and sounds – people to meet, things to touch!  This is a camp for ADHD and Autistic kids.  We’re hoping to scrape enough together to send Colin there for a week in July.  (This is a pricy camp, but I think it would do him so much good.  He’d be surrounded by kids like him, counselors that are trained to work with special needs kiddos, etc. I think it will be good for all of us, really.)

He took another 5mg around 11:30am.

Saturday afternoon, he was a handful.  Bouncing off the walls, driving everyone crazy. He was pretty out of control. Saturday night brought a few meltdowns, but the clonidine helped him mellow out and get to bed. He was asleep by around 9:30pm, if I remember correctly.

Sunday, he was up at 5:30am. Rick let me sleep and got up with him. After shattering a pill in an attempt to break one in half (we were given 10mg pills and told to try doing 5mg first, then up to 10 if needed), he gave Colin a full 10mg. I don’t know that the morning really went any better. I wasn’t up until 9am (I love my husband!) and wound up passing out again around 11am for an hour. (I try to listen to my body – when I can! – in an attempt to really heal when sick.) We gave him 5mg at noon.  The rest of Sunday was very frustrating. He just couldn’t control himself whatsoever.  Beyond just body movements, he was doing things heknowsaren’t allowed (ex: locking the dogs in his bedroom with him). I tried to keep my cool. We tried our best to explain to his brothers that this wasn’t Colin’s fault and we needed to show some patience.  For me, being sick wasn’t helping.  By Sunday night, I was starting to feel human again, though. 

Colin couldn’t sleep Sunday night.  I felt bad for him. I don’t know if the extra medicine in the AM was messing with him or just the Adderall in general was an issue. At one point, he was standing in his doorway and I asked what was wrong. “I just can’t fall asleep,” he said. He never speaks that plainly. I told him if he’d lie down, eyes closed, in the dark…sleep would come. I think he finally fell asleep around 10pm. Maybe.

Yesterday (Monday), he was up around 5am. He might have been up earlier, but that’s when I heard him. He kept sneaking around the house, into our bedroom while I was in the bathroom – anywhere but his own room. I got very frustrated and read him the riot act, even though I knew I shouldn’t and I knew it wouldn’t help anything.

I gave him 5mg of Adderall.  We went into the living room and he didn’t say a word.  I let the dogs out and came back in…fed the dogs.  Still nothing.  I asked him if he was okay – he looked awful.  “Yep.”  He always says yes.

I sat down on the couch and called him to me.  I put my arms around him.

Me: Did you sleep at all last night?

Him: Yes. I just had to poop a lot.

Me: You had to poop during the night?

Him: Mhm. Can I have breakfast now?

I knew insomnia could be a side effect – it’s the same with all stimulant drugs. Rick checked and found that diarrhea can also be a side effect of Adderall.  Normally, Colin has the opposite issue since we have such a hard time getting him to eat fruits and vegetables.

Yesterday at school, he had an awful day.  The teacher said he was just hyper all day long.  He was given another 5mg of Adderall at noon, but that didn’t seem to help.

Last night, he slept.  Oh thank goodness, he slept – from about 8:15pm-5am. A decent night’s sleep.

This morning, we tried a full pill – 10mg.  I hate yoyo-ing like this, but we want to see if that helps at school. I’m worried he won’t sleep tonight, though.  I don’t think Adderall is going to be our answer.  We’ll probably give it a few more days, but so far this week has been rough and we’re only on Day 4.

2 responses to “Adderall Update

  1. Colin actually sounds a lot like my boy, similar age too. Totally incapable of focussing on anything other than the most aggravating things – turning the kettle on 8 million times a day, opening and shutting the bathroom door, ripping every bit of paper to shreds. I am on a wait list to see a new paediatrician and hoping to talk meds with them when the time comes, but – who knows if it will help. I’m hoping it will help him to calm down enough to focus and learn. Hope things settle down for you guys.

  2. My husband, Rick, started a blog, too… his side of the story is more complete since he was with Colin from 5wks on. ( if you want to check it out)

    I hope you get into the doc and get some help. I know we both just want the best for our kiddos. Being able to focus in school is part of that, for sure. Definitely keep me posted! I have to say the thought of waiting lists is one of the very few things I don’t like about government run healthcare. I’m a give-me-instant-gratification-American. haha Having to wait 2 weeks for a popular doctor is hard enough for me! I hope you don’t have to wait much longer. Medicine may or may not help. Every child is so different.

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