The Magic Ticket

Today was Colin’s birthday party. We did what every mother dreams of doing for Mothers Day and went to Chuck E Cheese!

Oh, wait, that’s not what most moms want to do on Mothers Day? Must be why the place was basically empty!

(I should say my Mothers Day started in the “normal” fashion – sleeping in, breakfast in bed from my awesome husband and kiddos, and wonderful presents!)

For months now, Colin’s been determined that he would get the new “magic ticket” from the ticket blaster – this one ticket is worth 1000 tickets! Pretty sure that’s the biggest number he’s able to fathom. He kept telling us he was going to get the magic ticket so he could get “all the prizes.” We’ve been trying to explain that wasn’t really how it worked, but he didn’t want to hear any of that.

When it came time for a trip to the ticket blaster, Rick coached Colin on how to hold his arms out to catch the tickets as they blow around. (Last year, he just flapped his arms around and didn’t catch any tickets – they let him have what stuck in his crown and anything that fell out on the floor.) Neither of us realized just how focused he was on that magic ticket. He stepped into the ticket blaster and put his arms out, just like his dad had shown him. He caught quite a few, but when the tickets stopped blowing, he dropped them all. We all went, “Nooo!”

But in a flash, he snatched that magic ticket off the ground and yelled, “I got it!!” He’d kept his eye on the magic ticket the whole time.


Happy Birthday, Colin!

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