Applying to Summer Camp

Last year we weren’t sure what we would do during the summer.  Rick works nights and two of the three boys were out of school.  (We’d tried paying for daycare the summer before, but Colin was kicked out within weeks and Ryan spent the better part of the summer acting out because he thought it was a privilege to be at home with Dad.)  I started researching camps left and right. That’s when I found out about Charis Hills.

Charis Hills is a camp for ADHD and Autistic kids aged 7-18. They have 8 weeks of camp over the course of the summer – some for ages 7-14, others for ages 13-18. It’s an impressive camp…with a bit of a hefty price tag.  It wasn’t a viable option for us last year, but I told myself I wanted to find a way to make it happen this year.

Well, here we are…ready to commit.  Today, I went online to fill out the camper application and give them our $200 deposit.  There were a trillion questions! (Okay, maybe just a few dozen!)  I felt like I was taking an essay exam, but I understand why all these details are needed.  When I got near the end, I saw something that caused me a bit of worry.  They would email me and let me know if Colin had been accepted (and not charge my card until then).

Accepted?? I thought just being on spectrum and ADHD would get him in.  Well, that and our chunk o’change, of course.

It had never occurred to me before that there would be an acceptance policy.  Had I made him sound violent?  Did I over-exaggerate his meltdowns?  Should I go back and downplay some of his personality quirks??

No, no… of course it’s better to be honest – I wouldn’t want him to be accepted only to be turned away two days in.  I had detailed every possible concern as best as I could.

I shouldn’t have worried.  It’s not as if he’s running around stabbing people or bashing his head against walls.  The camp has a 1:3 ratio for most activities (sometimes lower), so that’s about on par with  a weekend with family.  And these people have training under their belts!

Long story short, we received our acceptance letter. *sigh of relief*

Colin will be going to camp in July.  I’m so excited for him!

I’m also excited for us, too – Rick and I have had offers from our mothers to take the other two the same week!  What on earth will we do for a whole week without children or work?

Is it July yet???

7 responses to “Applying to Summer Camp

  1. Will your moms take my 2 also? 🙂 I hope u enjoy it but. Ostly I hope Colin enjoys his camp.

    • Ha! She just might – you never know with that woman 😉

      Thanks – I really think this will be a great experience for him.

  2. Lucky you! You better have some great plans for July. I can’t wait to hear about them!

  3. Oh that’s exciting! I’m sure it will fantastic for Colin and for all of you! It looks fantastic.

    • For sure! I didn’t get to go to the open house last month because I was sick, but Rick said it was a really great place. Colin is very excited!

  4. So great! I have a long background of loving and supporting and working at summer camps. I predict it will be a great experience for Colin… And for you as well, Mom! 🙂

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