Wrapped in Robbie

Robbie is my “baby.” More than him being the smallest/youngest, more than him being biologically “mine”, we share a connection that I cherish.

When he was younger, we used to snuggle at bedtime. For his 3rd birthday, he got a “big boy” car bed. Soon after, I realized we could fit in the bed together, and so began our nighttime routine. I’d lie with him and we’d talk or sing. Sometimes I’d even fall asleep and wake around midnight to find I was in the wrong bed. The sweetest thing about our snuggle time was that he would put his arm out and want me to rest my head on his shoulder/chest. This tiny child knew how to comfort me like no one else could at that time.

Our nighttime snuggle routine continued until Robbie and Ryan decided they wanted to share a room and have bunk beds. Robbie got top bunk. Weight restrictions aside, I am more than a little wary of climbing up there. We’ve moved our snuggle time to a chair in the room – he sits in my lap while we talk or tell stories.

And now I relish the other moments even more. Sitting on the couch with him calms me most days. He’ll sit next to me or in my lap, and just wrap himself in me. I’m not typically a touchy-feely person. I’m affectionate with my kids, but it’s rare for me to feel calmed by touch. Aside from Robbie, Rick is the only person I really crave touch from. I can snuggle with Ryan sometimes, but it doesn’t feel as natural.

Robbie intertwines his legs and arms in mine and he becomes an extension of me.


This isn’t to say that he doesn’t get wiggly and annoying at times! He is, after all, a five year old! But I love my baby.

One response to “Wrapped in Robbie

  1. Beautiful Sara! Only this morning – when I had N on one side snuggling up and putting his arm around my neck in a gentle headlock and J on the other side yanking my hair with all his strength – it’ll be nice when they get more snuggly.

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