Dear JC Penney,

Free Back to School Haircuts! (cute video)

Dear JC Penney,

About a month ago, my mom emailed me letting me know that card holders were given advance notice of your upcoming promotion – free back to school haircuts for kids K-6th grade.  I thought, “Oh! I had better jump on that before it goes public so we can get a spot!”

I then promptly forgot about it.

About a week ago, I saw a commercial for this promotion on television and I thought, “Oh no! I should have called before now! Surely they’re out of spots!”

And then I waited a few more days, because a) I’m a procrastinator and b) I figured I’d already missed my chance anyhow.

Today, I called the closest JCP Salon, just to check.  What I was told by the woman who answered the phone shocked me.

Not only are you not booked up, many stores have extended their hours to fit more kids in for cuts.  Free haircuts. I had my pick of dates/times.  I actually booked an appointment time for all three boys to get haircuts at the same time, for free, when both Rick and I can be there. 

Thank you.  It’s been a while since a company has shocked me in a GOOD way.  I thought for sure this was some gimmick to just get the JCP brand in people’s minds.  I figured there would be some limit imposed  – maybe 5 kids/day? – and you’d be booked up in a heartbeat.  True, you’re still getting your name out there – and I’m sure some parents will do their back-to-school shopping while they’re there getting haircuts – but I’m still impressed. 

As the mother of 3 kids, you’ve saved me roughly $60.  You’ve made my day.

Thank you,


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