Too excited to wait!

Just a quick post because I’m bursting at the seams with pride and excitement!

I missed a call at lunch. Listening to the voicemail got me all teary-eyed.  It was a message from the gifted & talented coordinator at our kids’ elementary school.

Robbie’s been in first grade for less than 8 full days and they want to know if I’d like him tested for the gifted & talented program!   I’m still a little awestruck.

Standard procedure is to test new students in the Spring – Fall testing is for the children that were in kindergarten at the same school.  Robbie’s teacher recognized him as one of the children she felt could be tested for the program now.  Paperwork was due 8/31!  The coordinator gave us until tomorrow to fill out the forms and get them over.  I printed them out immediately and had them ready to go.  I was only waiting on Rick to wake up so I could tell him.  I felt like I should at least let him know before setting it up!

His first text to me was, “I’m in favor of having him tested ASAP, btw.”  🙂

Best part is that he’s already in the class with the 1st grade GT teacher, so he will get to stay in that classroom. And our elementary school is the GT school for the district, so he won’t have to change schools next year, either.

I’m so excited!  He definitely needs to be challenged and he’s well past the coursework they’re doing now, so this would be wonderful for him.

4 responses to “Too excited to wait!

  1. That’s great news! I got excited just reading the title of the post 🙂

  2. You guys are on a roll!!!

  3. Love Many Trust Few

    Sorry it’s taken a while to respond. How wonderful it must feel to have such an uplifting mOment. So good for your little guy!

    • No apology needed! I’ve been so bad about reading blogs…I seem to get caught up about once a week, but even then I don’t think I’m “caught up” lol

      Hope everything is going well in your world!

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