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Locked doors

I mentioned before that there used to be a lock on Colin’s door. There isn’t anymore – hasn’t been for over a year now. He’s no longer what schools call a “runner”. We don’t use the house alarm as a way to know he’s making a break for it and no longer worry that he’s going to run off in public. He stays with us for the most part and listens to us when we ask him to play closer to us, etc. – although sometimes he does so grudgingly.

However, there is still a lock on our bedroom door – installed to keep Colin out if our room when we’re not in there – a safe haven for things we don’t want him to break or dismantle.  We currently have two desks in there along with a bookshelf and two dressers, in addition to our queen sized bed and nightstands.

It’s not that big of a bedroom! We can hardly walk in there.

Recently, our two youngest boys let on that they’d like to share a room and really wanted some bunk beds.

Realizing this might be the only time in their lives that they WANT to share a room, we figured we had better jump at the chance!

We found a great deal on a great set and sold Robbie’s car bed. We’ve actually got everyone’s clothes in their own rooms now! (Long story, but we’ve had to ease Colin into having things in his own room – both because of our trust issues/his behavior and because, well, Colin got so used to having an empty room that it really bothered him to have things in his room. More on that later.)

This has led us to feel we needed another locked door in the house. If we’re planning to put hundreds of dollars worth of electronics (and possibly some invaluable memorabilia as well) into a room that’s out of our line of vision, we need to protect it. Colin LOVES electronics. If he finds a charger or a plug/cord of some kind, he will find something to plug it into. I’m scared to death he’s going to electrocute himself someday.

And so we’ve replaced the doorknob on the spare room with a doorknob that has a key lock.


I did it all by myself! Aren't I handy?

I’m pretty excited about getting more space in our room. It will also be nice to have a place – outside of our room – where we can let the kiddos have some supervised computer time. I’m hoping to get a futon in there, too, at some point so we can have the room double as a guest room.

And now…I leave you with a glimpse inside what I’ve deemed as “The Boy Cave” (Robbie & Ryan’s room).