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And…we’re back!

What a great week!¬† (Can I go again? Please??) ūüôā

Where to start?¬† I only have one kid back so far, so we’ll start with him!

Colin was so excited about camp – we’d been talking about it since the Open House in April.¬† For those who didn’t see my previous post, the camp I’m talking about is Charis Hills.¬† We arrived and were sent to check in Colin’s meds as he was swept away for a mini-physical and picture-taking.¬† While in line, we got to speak to a couple of other parents – their kids had been campers there before.¬† They raved about how much fun their kids had and how much they loved this camp and everyone involved. It was really nice to have people set our minds at ease right away!

In the medication line, I couldn’t help but notice the bags other kids had.¬† Our doctor had told us that Colin wasn’t on as many meds as we might think, and maybe he was right. Some of these kids had enough to fill a gallon sized Ziploc¬†bag.¬† Colin’s four medications didn’t seem like much in comparison!

We double-checked his activities – apparently he and one little girl named Emily were the only ones signed up for dance!¬† I tried to sign him up for activities that didn’t involve sitting quietly or shooting anything (boating, fishing, archery and riflery were OUT!).¬† When we turned around, he was already on his way to his cabin!¬†

In the cabin, we helped him make his bed – top bunk! – and then it was time to change into his swim clothes for a swim evaluation.¬† He was pretty much pushing us out the door.¬† I think he must have said “Bye, Dad!” at least three times before we left!

One of my favorite things about this camp is that they have their own shutterfly account and they post pics daily!¬† That was really nice – we’d check out the site each night and see what he’d been up to.¬†¬† Here are a few:

in class – they had study time!

Testing out the water

Swim lessons! Colin earned an award for putting his head under water before the week was over!

I found it pretty funny when we picked him up that one of the first things his designated counselor mentioned was how early he would wake up.  Apparently the kids were supposed to sleep until 7:30am Рyeah right!!

¬†Otherwise, they said he did pretty well.¬† They sent home a little evaluation sheet that discussed how he did at meeting the goals we’d asked them to help him work on (assessing dangerous situations, developing a less inflated sense of self, etc).¬† They essentially said what we knew – that he doesn’t think before acting and will apologize after the fact, so he knows wrong from right, he just doesn’t have the impulse control to stop himself.¬† He got in trouble mid-week for touching/taking other people’s things, but he gave them back immediately without argument, so that’s good.¬†All in all, he had a blast.¬† He can’t wait to go back again next year!¬† We will probably hear about “sleep away camp” (as he calls it) for months to come.¬†—¬†As this blog has gotten fairly long-winded already, I think I’ll save my yabbering¬†and pictures on our kidless vacation for another post!¬† I need more pictures from the camera anyhow.¬† It’ll be like one of those old slide-shows your grandparents made you watch as a kid!¬† (I know, you can’t wait, right??)

My Husband is Awesome

He is.¬† In fact, I think I’ll run away with him!

Vacation time is near!¬† I’m so excited!

You know how those last few days of work before vacation just wear you down?¬† I think it’s the same thing with kids.¬† Those last few days before you’re about to get a break from them, they just get on your every last nerve!!¬† Unfortunately, I mainly mean Colin.¬† They’ve all been a lil’ stir crazy, but Colin has been balls-to-the-wall out of control most of the time lately.¬† He’s been destructive, reckless, and just…even more hyperactive than usual.¬† I think a lot of it has to do with the excitement/anxiety of camp coming up.¬† Yesterday, I bought the rest of what he’ll need for his week – sleeping bag, extra socks and undies, travel sized items, etc.¬† It occurred to me that with all three boys going in different directions for a week, we might not have enough socks and undies to go around!¬† I mean, that’s a minimum 21 pairs of each item of clothing.¬† And the boys have been outgrowing their undies and losing socks right and left, so it was time.

¬†Tomorrow AM, we’re dropping off Ryan with Rick’s brother – he and his son C (who is Ryan’s age) will be in town overnight, so the timing was perfect.¬† Then we’re taking Robbie (oh, excuse me – ROB) and Colin to the Special Needs Screening of Ice Age, followed by lunch with my mom, who is taking Rob with her after.

That will give Rick and I some time alone with Colin to pack his suitcase, talk about camp, etc.¬† The camp gave us a great idea: pack each outfit – one shirt, one pair of shorts, socks and undies – in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag!¬† That way, he can just grab a bag each morning and he’s ready to get dressed.¬† I love that idea.

I really think Colin’s going to have a blast.¬† I can’t wait to hear how it goes.¬†

Another great thing they do for the parents and campers is they allow you to pre-write letters and cards, etc, for your camper! You drop them off after checking him in and then they can hand out mail throughout the week without worry of letters not making it in time.  You can also email your camper throughout the week. They print off the emails and pass them out after lunch.

We’re even checking our pups into a boarder¬†while we’re gone!¬† I’m still waiting for something to go wrong – I can’t believe how many different wheels are turning in the right directions for this to come together!


Once we’re all back together, we will only have FOUR WEEKS until school starts back up!¬† I can hardly believe it! We’ll come back from vacation and it will be time to start gathering school supplies and making sure everything is ready to go!

Going back to the title of this post… I want to brag on my guy for a bit.¬†

As some of you might recall (although I’ve taken down the posts) we had some drama with the neighbor behind us earlier this year.¬† Well, in the last couple of months, our shared fence had a panel come loose.¬† One of the posts broke off in the ground and the panel just kept falling over.

After a heck of a lot of inaction from the neighbor (we have actually run into each other a few times now – our dogs keep slipping into the other’s yard, etc), Rick decided to take matters into his own hands.¬† Yesterday, he went to Lowe’s and bought supplies.¬† He put in quite a few hours – and a couple of trips to the store – yesterday…and finished it up today.¬† I think he did a heck of a job.

I wanted to share a pic of his handiwork, but I’m having technical difficulties.¬† Just trust me – it looks awesome!¬†

¬†I hope everyone has a great weekend.¬† I’ll be around, but might not post again until we get back!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

It’s summer! Yay! (I don’t care what the calendar says – school is out, so it’s summer!)¬† The kids can sleep until whenever because I no longer have to rush to get them dressed in the AM – Rick can dress them when he gets home if I don’t get around to it.¬† And the only lunch I have to make is mine!¬† I left the house at my usual time this AM and got to work almost 20 minutes early – hurray for no school zones!¬† Also…it’s time for my favorite “sport” of the year – swimming. (I say “sport” not because swimming isn’t a sport…but because it’s not really a sport when I do it.)¬† I love going to the pool, lake, river, beach – wherever.¬† I just want to be in the water.¬† When I was younger, my sister could always outrun me, but she couldn’t out-swim me.¬†(Pretty sure this has changed now that she’s gotten into surfing.)¬†The water¬†is always¬†the one place I feel remotely athletic.


The Bad

Whew, boy, is it HOT by the end of the day!¬† Mornings are fantastic – 70’s and a bit breezy.¬† But by the time I get to my afternoon break and go for a walk, the air is so thick with humidity and heat, I get winded by the time I’m back at the office.

And the kids don’t seem to realize they can sleep in!¬† (By “sleep in” I mean 6:30am – that would be heaven!)¬† Colin was up at 5:30 this morning – he was sleeping on the couch again.¬† Not sure what to do about that.¬†

We also had a series of storms sweep through recently that left our fence in quite a state.¬†Thankfully, no other damage was done, but now we have to figure out what to do with the fence on our own because our insurance deductible is too high to even bother going that route.¬† Rick has a friend from work that’s going to come out this weekend and hopefully not charge an arm and a leg!


The Ugly

The church-sponsored day camp (free to the public Рdonations only) that Colin and Ryan went to last year is not happening this year.  I was really worried this might happen.  It was such a blessing last year.  Colin was kicked out of daycare the summer before that. 

The 2nd day of camp last year, someone walked up to me and said, “Are you Colin’s mom?”¬† My heart sank.¬† Please, don’t kick him out, I thought.¬† Instead she said, “I wanted to ask you something, but I hope I won’t offend you.¬† Is he…autistic?”¬† I was still worried.¬† “Yes,” I said.

“My daughter, is, too, that’s why I was wondering,” she said.¬† “Don’t worry about him.¬† I will keep my eye on him.”¬† I just started crying.¬† I don’t know what we would have done last summer without that camp.

And now this year…we have to figure it out.¬† The good thing is that Robbie is out of daycare now, so we can afford to hire a sitter for the summer.¬† Just someone part-time so Rick can get to bed – he can continue sleeping when I get home.¬† We don’t have anyone lined up yet, but have a hopeful or two.¬† One lady was recommended to us by a good friend, but she flaked on showing up yesterday as we’d agreed to and she currently doesn’t have a phone – she calls from her mom or brother’s house.¬† And she’d have to bring her 8 yr old and newborn baby with her.¬† Just…so many red flags.¬† Still not counting her out – she’s supposed to come over today for us to meet.

Last night, after she flaked on me, I posted on FB asking friends to let me know if they knew anyone interested in a 20hr/wk¬†babysitting gig.¬† One of my local friends gave me the name/info for a local high school girl that she’s friends with!¬† I’ve messaged her – hopefully if she doesn’t want the job, she will know someone who does.¬†

The Ugly, though, is going to be most of this week.¬† Rick is home with the boys today – no sitter or other means of distraction for them today.¬† Colin had everyone in the house on edge by 7am with his antics – he woke up full throttle today and was still bouncing as I left.¬† We’ve tried adding an Adderall¬†booster (short-acting tablet) to the XR¬†capsule, but giving him more Adderall¬†just seems to make things worse.¬† His meltdowns increase and it doesn’t seem to do anything to put a damper on the ADHD.¬† Adderall seems to help his focus, but not his hyperactivity.¬†

Thankfully, tomorrow my mom (who just had surgery this past Thursday) volunteered to take them from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.¬† I hope she doesn’t regret that!¬† My stepdad is pretty good with them – he has an amazing amount of patience.¬† That will just leave us Thursday and Friday to get through.¬† Then, hopefully, we’ll have something in place starting next week.

Fingers crossed!