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Proin (and how we almost lost our pup)

Soon after we adopted Miss Chloe, we noticed this…dripping of liquid around the house. Chloe’s pretty much always got her tongue hanging out and she drools a bit, so we just thought that was it. Then we found puddles. And that’s when we realized the dripping was (primarily) coming from the other end.

Seeing as how we’d recently spent a big chunk of change on new laminate flooring, this was possibly a deal breaker. She was ruining boards left and right. We consulted our vet and he suggested it might be spay incontinence. Apparently it’s common for spayed dogs to have some incontinence issues. There are a couple of treatment options, but the most common – and cheapest – is Proin.


Essentially, it’s a decongestant. Our girl was prescribed 75mg twice a day. It worked like a charm! We were thrilled! As a result, we were able to keep our sweet Chloe!

Today, however, Proin almost cost us Rodeo.

We were naively keeping the pills on the kitchen counter. Chloe hates these things – we pretty much have to put the pill in her mouth and stroke her neck until she swallows it. No amount of trickery has worked.

That’s why I knew what had happened the minute we saw the bottle. Top was chewed off and about 30 pills were missing. There was not a doubt in my mind as to which dog they were in.

I called our vet’s after hours number and told him what had happened. He solemnly told me there is no way to reverse the effects and we would have to rush him to the emergency clinic for a dose of valium if he started seizing.

I just broke down.

I love this stupid dog SO MUCH.
He’s the best dog I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in years. He’s my protector and my snuggle bug.

All I could do was cry.

I sat on the floor by him and stroked his fur. He was panting hard and the hair along his spine was standing straight up.

My phone rang.

It was our vet.

“I just called the CDC. They said epsom salts might work to induce vomiting. How long ago did he eat them?”

“I don’t know – we’ve been gone for about five hours. I don’t know when he ate them.”

It was worth a shot.
Rick ran to Walgreens and bought a box. I made a pitcher of warm water and found the turkey baster. We mixed the salts in and took him out back.

Rick held Rodeo’s mouth open as I squirted salt water down. After four or five basters full, he heaved…and threw up three barely digested pills. I’ve never been so happy to see anyone puke.

He stumbled into the yard and threw up a handful more. I started bawling the happiest tears I think I’ve ever cried. I think he threw up 15-20 pills in all.

I’ve been monitoring him since. His pulse is normal though his breathing is a bit fast. About an hour ago he threw up the most foul-smelling liquid!! Since then, he seems to have calmed down. He’s laying down and breathing a bit slower. He may actually sleep yet.

Maybe I will, too.


My poor baby