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Just a quick note…

Called the pediatric psychiatrist and booked an appointment!

Bad news is they can’t see him for 2 weeks.

Good news is… the day they can see him is a day that I’m already scheduled to be off from work – yay!  He has an AM appt which works great since we have things to do and places to go that afternoon with our youngest.

Also, we’ve gone back to the 40mg of Metadate in the AM. I know it seems like we didn’t really give it a chance (just 4 days), but it seemed to be having a marked effect on his behavior at school and he’s been just… wired for sound, as I call it.  Had a few meltdowns, but manageable.  Goofiness is still off the charts!  He asked me to take a video of him yesterday at the park.  He said, “Take a video of my silly face, Mom!!”  I hit record and he proceeded to move in what appears to be fast forward…but that’s real time for Colin!! He made silly faces and wiggled and giggled…and for the grand finale he wagged his backside at the camera. (“Butt” is one of Colin’s favorite words.  He writes it on everything and asks me how to spell it at least three times a day!) 

He then made me show him the video about seven times, cackling every single time.

I might share it later. Time to get back to work!!